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26. Try some traditional Hawaiian fruits Get ready to learn some Hawaiian, because in Hawaii you’ll find plenty of menus listing the Hawaiian name for fruits. Two of the best fruits you need to try while you’re in Hawaii are lilikoi (passion fruit) and obviously paina (pineapple). You can get pretty much anything in lilikoi flavor, ranking from margaritas to cupcakes and ice cream.

27. Buy your dad (or yourself) an Aloha shirt One does not simply come to Hawaii and buy an Aloha shirt. The sheer range and selection can be overwhelming, as can the price variation. You can get cheap Hawaiian shirts at the Target in Kona, or you can go for locally-made and handmade Hawaiian shirts with prices from $60-70 and upwards.

You’ll also find numerous ABC Stores in Hawaii, where you can get slightly more cookie-cutter but still decent gifts. 28. Do your shopping on Kona’s Ali’i Drive Speaking of shopping, one of the best places to do that is on Kona’s Ali’i Drive. This coastal road winds along the Kona Coast and has loads of options to go shopping at both locally run shops and those from national brands.

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This is where we bought some signature Hawaiian sunglasses, as well as gifts for my boyfriend’s family. 29. Visit a Farmer’s Market Whether you’re on the Hilo side or the Kona side, one of the best ways to pick up fresh produce is to stop by a farmer’s market. You can get loads of fresh fruit grown right on the island, as well as freshly plucked coconuts ready to be slashed open by a machete.

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You’ll find tons of fresh produce that you won’t find back home, no matter where you live. 30. See the painted church of Kalapana When Kilauea errupted in 2018, the lava covered the area of Kalapana, where a jungle had been growing for centuries. The community came together to save the so-called Painted Church of Kalapana, and managed to relocate this little church and save it from the lava.

31. Drive the Chain of Craters Road One of the main draws of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the Chain of Craters Road. This road goes from the visitor’s office of the park all the way to the coast, and since the erruption in 2018 has had the road cleared from lava.

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When Kilauea was flowing at its peak, it was emitting more than 40,000 cargo trucks worth of lava every single day. Forty thousand! You can easily imagine this being the case once you drive down this road. 32. Go on a Kona Coffee tour Forget about beer or wine tastings, in Hawaii you can go for a coffee tasting at one of Kona’s more than 600 coffee farms.

Typical Kona coffee farm tours last about half an hour, and are usually walking tours. Lots of coffee farm tours are even free, you just need to drive to the coffee farm yourself. You can find loads of Kona coffee farm tours all over the Kona coast, depending on where you’re staying the other activities you have on your agenda.

Try a beer by the Kona Brewing Company Speaking of beverages that the Big Island is known for, the Kona Brewing Company sells both bottled beer around the island and has a brewery in the middle of Kona that you can visit and go for a tasting. So no matter where you’re staying, you can taste the aloha 😉 34.

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Mauna Kea has such excellent stargazing that multiple countries have telescopes set up on its peak. It’s cold, so be sure to dress warm and with layers if you’ll be heading to the top – it’s not uncommon to see snow on top of Mauna Kea! : As of December 2019, it was not possible to go up Mauna Kea because of ongoing protests surrounding the construction of a thirty-meter telescope on the top, because the top of this mountain is considered holy land for the native Hawaiian people.

 Top 20 Things To Do & See in HawaiiTHE 15 BEST Things to Do in Hawaii - 2021 (with Photos) - Tripadvisor

You can read more about the controversy if you’re curious about the politics and the impact of the telescope. 35. Drive around the pastures of Waimea Waimea is located at the northernmost area of the Big Island, and looks starkly different than much of the Big Island which is either arid volcanic land or lush jungles.

From the northern tip, you can even see Maui looming in the distance. 36. Have some of the island’s best ice cream in Hawi On your way up to Waimea, you’ll have a chance to pass through Hawi, a village that looks unremarkable to the unknowing visitor, but is actually home to some of Hawaii’s best ice cream.

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